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Teaching and Supervision in Counseling (TSC)

Teaching and Supervision in Counseling (TSC) is the official journal of the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (SACES), a region of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES).  The mission of SACES is to empower and support diverse counselor educators and supervisors in scholarship, advocacy, community, education, and supervision.

Scope & Aim of the Journal

The aim of TSC is to publish high quality scholarship that informs teaching, supervision, and mentoring in educational and clinical settings. Articles may be empirical, conceptual or theoretical, or based on current issues; with an emphasis on empirical research. Articles must be scholarly, grounded in existing literature, and have implications for the counseling profession including, but not limited to, counselor education, supervisory practice, clinical training, pedagogy, mentoring, or advocacy and public policy. Additionally, a goal of TSC is to provide mentoring to graduate students in the area of peer review and writing. All manuscripts are submitted to a blind peer-review process. Manuscripts submitted to TSC fall within one of four categories, although other kinds of submissions may be considered...
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Call for Manuscripts

For quantitative and conceptual submissions, manuscripts should not exceed 25 double-spaced typewritten pages, including title page, abstract/public significant statement page, references, and all tables and figures in addition to the body of the manuscript. For qualitative and mixed-method submissions, manuscripts should not exceed 30 double-spaced typewritten pages, including title page, abstract/public significant statement page, references, and all tables and figures in addition to the body of the manuscript. Current issues manuscripts should be between 10 to 15 pages in total length. The manuscripts should also be written according to the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual style, 7th edition, and APA Journal Article Reporting Standards (JARS). More information about TSC’s submission guidelines and policies is available at

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Bradley McKibben, TSC Editor, at

Teaching and Supervision in Counseling Latest Issues

We are thrilled to share the information on the latest issues in Teaching and Supervision in Counseling, the flagship journal of SACES! The journal is open-access, and each hyperlink below takes you directly to the article for your reading and downloading purposes. Check out the latest articles in the journal! Additionally, feel free to follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




2021 Special Edition – Volume 3, Issue 2 – TSC

Introduction to the Special Issue: Anti-Racist Counselor Education
Paul C. Harris, Erik Hines, and Renae D. Mayes

Antiracist School Counselor Preparation: Expanding on the Five Tenets of the Transforming School Counseling Initiative
Erin Mason, Adrianne Robertson, Jan Gay, Nkenji Clarke, and Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy

Promoting Anti-Racism and Critical Consciousness through a Critical Counseling Theories Course
Jyotsana Sharma and Carlos P. Hipolito-Delgado

The Case for a Core Anti-racist Course for Counselors in Training
Ileana A. Gonzalez Ph.D. and Raven K. Cokley Ph.D.

Self-Care: An Ethical Imperative for Anti-Racist Counselor Training
Michelle Mitchell and Erin Binkley

Toward a Voice-Centered Relational Anti-Racist Listening Praxis in Counselor Education
Michelle R. Bertrand

Equipping School Counselors for Antiracist Healing Centered Groups: A Critical Examination of Preparation, Connected Curricula, Professional Practice and Oversight
Kara P. Ieva, Jordon Beasley, and Sam Steen

Multi-Tiered Intensive Supervision: A Culturally-Informed Method of Clinical Supervision
Angie D. Cartwright, Chandra D. Carey, Huan Chen, Dominique Hammonds, Ana G. Reyes, and Mickey E. White

A Womanist Supervision Framework for Promoting Anti-Racist Therapy with Black Women
Camellia V. Green and Danielle E. Burton

School Counselors Involvement and Opportunities to Advocate Against Racialized Punitive Practices
Edwin Hernandez, Enrique Espinoza, and Jewel Patterson

The Intentionality of Confronting Racism, Systemic Oppression, and Cyclical Trauma in Counselor Education: A Self Study
Kara Ieva, Michael D. Hannon, and Linwood G. Vereen

2021 Volume 3, Issue 3 – TSC

Constructivism in Action: A Dynamic Group Process in Defining and Applying Principles of Social Justice
Tanupreet Suri, Leslie Woolson, Arianna Trott, Marty Apodaca, M. Kathryn Brammer, Dèsa Karye Daniel, Diane Lacen, and Thomas A. Chávez

Encouragement Is Not Enough: Perceptions and Attitudes towards Corrective Feedback and Their Relationship to Self-Efficacy
Vasti Holstun, Neil Rigsbee, and Lynn Bohecker

Development and Implementation of a Bilingual Counseling Certificate Program
Claudia Interiano-Shiverdecker, Derek Robertson, Elias Zambrano, Ashley Morgan, and Jacqueline Cantu Contreras

Matching Variables with the Appropriate Statistical Tests in Counseling Research
Ryan E. Flinn and Michael T. Kalkbrenner

Working Alliance as a Mediator between Supervisory Styles and Supervisee Satisfaction
Dan Li, David K. Duys, and Yanhong Liu

Reflection and readiness: Shared benefits of using an Oral Final Evaluation to assess counselor competency
Tanya Surette and Kelly Brenton

School Counseling Interns’ Lived Experiences Addressing Social Determinants of Health
Alexandra C. Gantt, Kaprea F. Johnson, Judith W. Preston, Brittany G. Suggs, and Megan Cannedy

Using Flipgrid Discussions to Increase School Counseling Students’ Cultural Competence in the Online Classroom
Rebekah F. Cole

Editorial Board

Journal Editor
W. Bradley McKibben, (he, him, his)
Jacksonville University

Associate Editor
Christian D. Chan (he, him, his)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Editorial Assistants
Emu Aragon (he, him, his)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Alex Kristjansson (he, him, his)
Jacksonville University

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