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Teaching and Supervision in Counseling (TSC)

Teaching and Supervision in Counseling (TSC) is the official journal of the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (SACES), a region of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES).  The mission of SACES is to empower and support diverse counselor educators and supervisors in scholarship, advocacy, community, education, and supervision.

Scope & Aim of the Journal

The aim of TSC is to publish high quality scholarship that informs teaching, supervision, and mentoring in educational and clinical settings. Articles may be empirical, conceptual or theoretical, or based on current issues; with an emphasis on empirical research. Articles must be scholarly, grounded in existing literature, and have implications for the counseling profession including, but not limited to, counselor education, supervisory practice, clinical training, pedagogy, mentoring, or advocacy and public policy. Additionally, a goal of TSC is to provide mentoring to graduate students in the area of peer review and writing. All manuscripts are submitted to a blind peer-review process. Manuscripts submitted to TSC fall within one of four categories, although other kinds of submissions may be considered.

Visit the journal website for more details.

Explore our website for detailed Policies and Guidelines on Publication Ethics and Research Integrity; downloadable PDF version is also accessible here.

Call for Manuscripts

For quantitative and conceptual submissions, manuscripts should not exceed 25 double-spaced typewritten pages, including title page, abstract/public significant statement page, references, and all tables and figures in addition to the body of the manuscript. For qualitative and mixed-method submissions, manuscripts should not exceed 30 double-spaced typewritten pages, including title page, abstract/public significant statement page, references, and all tables and figures in addition to the body of the manuscript. Current issues manuscripts should be between 10 to 15 pages in total length. The manuscripts should also be written according to the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual style, 7th edition, and APA Journal Article Reporting Standards (JARS). More information about TSC’s submission guidelines and policies is available at

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Bradley McKibben, TSC Editor, at

Teaching and Supervision in Counseling Latest Issues

We are thrilled to share the information on the latest issues in Teaching and Supervision in Counseling, the flagship journal of SACES! The journal is open-access, and each hyperlink below takes you directly to the article for your reading and downloading purposes. Check out the latest articles in the journal! Additionally, feel free to follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




2024 Volume 6, Issue 2 (Special Issue) - TSC

The Pursuit of a Combined Educator-Counselor Identity: Gaps and Opportunities in School Counselor Training Scholarship
Ian P. Levy, Natalie Edirmanasinghe, Kara Ieva, and Sam Steen

Preparing School Counselors for Culturally Informed Suicide Response
Emily C. Brown, Mary Edwin, and Lucy Purgason 

Supporting Clinical Mental Health Counseling Doctoral Supervisors in Supervising School Counselors-in-Training: Challenges and Strategies for Integration
Yu-Hsun Peng, Derron Hilts, and Yanhong Liu 

The Agile School Counselor Training Model: Fostering a Nonbinary Professional Identity
Laurie A. Carlson, Lorraine DeKruyf, and Diana Gruman

A Phenomenological Study of Federally Funded School Counselor Educators’ Nondual Educator-Counselor and Antiracist School Counselor Identity
Yung-Yu Lee and Matthew E. Lemberger-Truelove

The Evaluation of a Hip-Hop and School Counselor Education Course
Ian P. Levy, James P. Norris, and LaNita Jefferson 

Establishing an Antiracist Foundation in School Counselor Preparation: A Self-Study
Caroline Lopez-Perry, Jacob Olsen, Fedelia Suleiman, and Julaina Juarez 

2024 Volume 6, Issue 1 – TSC

Social Justice Identity and Program Evaluation: A Pilot Study of CMHC Students
Heidi L. Henry 

Relationships of Empathy and Color-blind Attitudes on Counseling Students' Critical Consciousness
Bagmi Das, Maggie M. Parker, and Sarah Litt

Professional Identity Development of Black Doctoral Students in Counselor Education: A Reflexive Model
Olivia T. Ngadjui and Elizabeth A. Doughty Horn

Perceptions of the Instructional Research Training Environment and Research Self-Efficacy
Missy Moore, John McCall, Todd Bolin, and Austen Bingham

A Model of Retention and Remediation for Online Counselor Education
Colleen M. Grunhaus and Matthew Lyons

The Class of 2019: Academic Employment Prospects for Counselor Education Doctoral Graduates
Christopher Lawrence and Gregory Hatchett

Promoting Counselor Trainees' Clinical Skill Development Using Virtual Reality Simulations
Amber L. Pope and Chelsea Hilliard

Counselor Trainee Cognitive Complexity: Peer Interactions and Assessments 
Alexandra Gantt-Howrey, Erin Woods, and Gulsah Kemer

Assessment of Professional Counseling Dispositions: A Content Validity Analysis
Patrick R. Mullen, Jacob Joseph, Kaitlin Jones Hinchey, Morgan Walker, and Jennifer Niles

2023 Volume 5, Issue 2 – TSC

Using the Five Ps: Conceptualizing COVID-19-Related Mental Health Concerns
Christine D. Gonzales-Wong and Scott Peters

Experiences of School Counseling Trainees in a Primary Care Integrated Behavioral Health Care Practicum
Kaprea Johnson, Krystal Clemons, Lauren Robins, Alexandra Gantt-Howrey, Afroze Shaikh, and Heather A. Jones

Counseling Practicum Students' Experiences Working with Children with Learning Exceptionalities
Kathryn Babb, Viki Kelchner, and Laurie O. Campbell

Exploring the Relationship Between the Supervisory Alliance and the Development of Reflexive Self-Awareness: A Mixed Methods Approach
Alexandre Brien, Réginald Savard, Cynthia Bilodeau, and Patricia Dionne

Infusing Anarchist Pedagogy into Counselor Education
Andrew Wood

Teaching Trauma Theory and Practice in Counselor Education: A Multiple Case Study
Charmayne R. Adams, Casey A. Barrio Minton, and Jennifer Hightower

Mentorship in Counselor Education: A Scoping Review
Gideon Litherland, Gretchen Schulthes, Edward Ewe, Kaj Kayij-Wint, and Kok-Mun Ng

Students’ Perceptions of Grades and Grade Inflation in Counselor Training
Daniel A. DeCino, Phillip L. Waalkes, and Steven Chesnut

Editorial Board

Journal Editor
W. Bradley McKibben, (he, him, his)
Jacksonville University

Associate Editor
Christian D. Chan (he, him, his)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Editorial Assistants
Sara Ahmed (she, her, hers)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Katherine Espano (she, her, hers)
Jacksonville University

Visit the journal's editorial board page for a full list of board members.

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