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Town Hall and Voting for Proposed Bylaw Revisions

April 16, 2023 7:12 PM | Alexander Fields (Administrator)

Town Hall and Proposed Bylaw Revisions

Greeting SACES Members,

The SACES Exec board hosted a Town Hall on their proposed bylaw revisions. Members can access the recorded Town Hall at this link.

The bylaw revisions vote has been extended and will close on Sunday, April 23rd (4/23) at 11:59pm EST. Members can access the poll by visiting the following link.The most notable updates include: 

  1. Removal of the state leaders council. Efforts to revamp involvement of the state leaders council  are being taken through ACES. Based on the flow of responsibility, overseeing this counsel is more appropriate to remain at the ACES level.
  2. Addition of new committees and revision of interest networks into task forces. These new standing committees will have increased involvement with overseeing the functioning of SACES, ensuring we operate in ways that are equitable, just, and inclusive. New committees include:
    • Accessibility & Inclusion Committee
    • Diversity & Social Justice Committee
    • Gender & Equity Committee
  3. Increasing the role of secretary from a one year term to two years through adding a secretary elect to the executive committee. As informed by feedback from previous secretaries, the aim is to enhance the role of the secretary, encourage leadership mentorship and development, and overall strengthen the SACES leadership pipeline.

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