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As a member of ACES, you automatically become a member of SACES if you live in the southern region. Your regional dues were collected through ACES beginning August 1, 2016; SACES no longer collects membership dues separately. Read the message regarding the transition.

If you plan to register for the SACES conference but are not a member, you can register as a non-member or conference sponsor only; both of these require no membership payment to SACES but they will impact your conference registration rates. View the application.

Updating Your SACES Profile

Our membership database is updated using the most recent ACA database export at the end of each month. If a field in your SACES profile is not editable, please make sure your information is updated with ACA and it will be updated during the next database update using your email address.

Membership Types

ACA/ACES membership is required to be a member of SACES. The membership categories below are based on the ACA membership levels. View the ACA/ACES membership brochure for details.

  • Professional (PROF): Individuals who hold a master’s degree or higher in counseling or a closely related field from a college or university accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.
  • Regular: Individuals whose interests and activities are consistent with those of ACA, but who are not qualified for Professional Membership.
  • New Professional, Year 2 (NEWP2): Graduated with a masters or a doctorate within the past 24 months. Status is good for one year.
  • New Professional (NEWPR): Graduated with a masters or a doctorate within the past 12 months. Status is good for one year.
  • Student (STU): Individuals who are enrolled at least half-time in a college or university program.
  • Retired (RET): Members who are retired from the counseling profession and have been active ACA/ACES members for the past 5 consecutive years.
  • Non-Member (NM): Non-ACA member but applied for ACES Division-only status.


As a member of SACES, you will continue to gain access to a variety of membership benefits including the following:
  • Regional SACES Conference in each even numbered year.
  • Email and website updates providing information and resources relevant to counselors, educators, and supervisors. 
  • Access to members-only content and programs including Emerging Leaders, awards, and research grants. 
  • Opportunities for service on committees and interest networks which help shape our profession. 
  • SACES Newsletter and online access to older issues. 
  • Voting rights on issues that evolve our organization.
  • Great opportunities for networking with regional and national leaders in counselor education!

Questions? Contact SACES Membership Committee Co-Chairs: Christopher Belser (christopherbelser@gmail.com ) or Christine Ebrahim (cebrahim@loyno.edu)

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